Präsentationen 2017

Anything else is a compromise
Anything else is a compromise

Starpak history dates back three generations to 1919 when it all started in sporting goods and since 1984 producing boxing, protective gear, martial arts on a global scale with cutting edge technology leading the World in standards. Starpak is regarded as an institute for developing combat gear for the world in Sialkot Pakistan.

Our goal is 'perfection' and that is why our motto is "Anything else is a compromise" for which we have received worldwide acclaim...and we continue to strive for it and we are proud that to this day our quality is unrivaled with a philosophy of learning daily and providing complete services with a 5-prong approach which are...Innovation, Service, Quality, Good-price and importantly On-time delivery.

We look forward to receiving you at ISPO 2017 on 5 to 8 Feb 2017.

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