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HMR Helmets<sup>®</sup>
HMR Helmets®

HMR Helmets® is the result of the experience acquired in these years by Hammer srl as a prestigious ski helmets manufacturer. The Rizzitiello family’s enterprise wants to distinguish itself as an artisan company, which respects the moral ethics and the social responsibilities, while offering high quality products. Every single helmet is handcrafted, using Italian skilled labour, respecting the philosophy of the “fully made in Italy” product. The knowledge of the materials and the technology combined with the artisan experience have led the company to gain a leading position among the producers of ski, snowboarding and boardercross helmets.

The design of a helmet is one of the most important aspects of our work, for this we cooperate with the company Prototypes sas the art director Massimo Facchinetti, with a 360 ° experience in product and graphic design. HMR Helmets® creates their helmets based on new trends and new trends and processes so new solutions in the field of safety and design. Starting from the initial brief, it can be useful to the design phase, transferring the ideas on paper first and then creating a style template that mimics the final product. The model is then analyzed aesthetically and functionally and by a process of reverse engineering are made setups necessary for the definition and for the approval of the helmet.

Safety is one of the goals of the HMR Helmet® company. Each helmet is subjected to numerous and accurate tests that can prove its uniformity with the parameters set by national and international standards, in order to ensure maximum safety to our customers. All our helmets have obtained CE EN 1077-CLASS A approval. The helmets in Class A have passed strenuous impact tests with more demanding parameters than those for Class B. Therefore they are more suitable for those who ski and snowboard in an intense and competitive level. Class A helmets protect a larger area and offer the athlete clearly superior protection.

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