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3-Dimensional Quilting Fabric 01
3-Dimensional Quilting Fabric 01
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Composition : 100 %Polyester, 54”, 246 g/m2

Trueway’s new quilted-style fabrics provide an innovative, dimensional, three layer option for an outstanding mid-layer garment. An inner yarn provides a thermal regulating effect, trapping air between each of the expanded filaments, delivering warmth and soft hand feel. The use of jacquard knitting provides excellent freedom of design, each fabric having a unique customizable design achieved directly from knitting, saving both time and cost associated with traditional quilted fabrics.
Check Stretch 01
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Composition: 94.7% Polyester, 5.3% Spandex, 58”, 160 g/m2

Trueway’s new structured check fabric is a perfect new addition to the water sports market. Designed specifically for neoprene lamination, the fabric follows a growing trend for constructed design in place of flat fabrics, for use on the outer lining of wetsuits, or for other products using laminated neoprene. The stretch of the fabric was a main focus of this development, providing more than 200% elongation in both directions using only 2 kilograms of force, giving divers and surfers more flexibility and a natural range of motion. Using a unique arrangement of solution dyed black yarn and 3D check effect, three tones are available on the surface of the fabric, adding another stylish element.
Mosaics stretch 01
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Composition : 92.3% Polyester, 7.7% Spandex, 60”, 146 g/m2

This fabric follows Trueway’s innovative design to combine the functionality of lightweight single jersey fabric, creating a soft, light fabric with excellent breathability and high stretch. Using both mélange and brick-shaped design elements, this development creates a one-of-a-kind fabric that provides exceptional coverage in relation to the weight and construction of the fabric. This fabric has all the necessary components to create a truly extraordinary base layer garment or spring/summer collection.
Shiny Stairs Stretch 02
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Composition : 93.6% Polyester, 6.4% Spandex, 56”, 290 g/m2

This fabric is the latest design from Trueway that the attracting surface demonstrate two color tones by opposite view of this fabric. This eye-catching design of this fabric allows for a comfortable, moderate level of warmth, as the structured stair design reduces weight and increases wearing comfort over a traditional fabric. This development focuses on textured mid-layer fabrics, while maintaining performance, functionality, and a refined appearance.
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Composition : 76.1% Polyester, 23.9% PU, 56”, 151 g/m2

This is 3-layer fabric with mini-grid face and light weight jersey in the back. High gauge interlock and textured face provides excellent hand feel and abrasion resistance as well as eye-catching appearance, available in fluorine free DWR. The hydrophilic polyurethane membrane provides good stretch and breathability, both W/P and MVP is over 15,000 and wind proof performance.
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