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Discmania Lite Pro Target
Discmania Lite Pro Target
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Introducing Discmania Lite PRO Basket – the most affordable PDGA approved target in the business!

Lite PRO is approved Disc Golf target by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). It is perfect training target for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lite PRO has 12 chains that are connected also horizontally to ensure a near-perfect catching experience. Horizontal chains were first used in the original Discmania LITE Basket when it was launched in 2014 and since they have become a standard for these light-weight training targets around the world.

New outlook with red center pole and top flag give a great visibility on the course. Lite PRO is super easy to assemble – it takes only a minute and four clicks to set up. The target is very portable and you can get it anywhere!
Discmania Active 3-disc Starter Set
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Description: Discmania Active 3-Disc Starter Set is a brilliant gift idea for disc golf hobbyists and beginners!
Discmania Active 24-disc Bundle
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Discmania Active Line 24-disc Bundle contains beginner friendly golf discs in a cardboard display with inviting graphics. You can put this display anywhere and begin to sell popular Discmania Active models.
Disc golf excites crowds
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Final moments of the PDGA Major tournament European Open at Nokia, Finland in July 2019. There were thousands of spectators witnessing the final day. We run this tournament.
Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
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Disc golf is great for all ages and physical abilities. It's an easy-to-begin social sport. Disc golf courses do not require big investments nor lots of maintenance. Disc golf can even be played in portable targets in your local park or backayard. Our market share is about 70% in Europe and we welcome you to take part in disc golf growth. We supply all your disc golf needs from courses to discs, targets and bags.
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Die Aussteller der ISPO Munich stellen ihre Produktneuheiten und Messe-Highlights vor! Lassen Sie sich inspirieren!
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