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3T created a unique product containing active particles applicable on an internal side of a garment. 3T-PROTECT repels fungi, bacteria and does not allow them to spread. It speeds up the healing process of the inflammation. The product is anti-allergic, containing no persistent, bio accumulative nor toxic (PBT) components. Certificated and tested by Dermscan, Intertek, GTT, NRC.
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Cork transfers created for the modern sustainability-conscious people who are distressed by the unnatural plastic and silicone feel. The product is suitable for various design applications, branding, protective or technical usage. Made from natural recycled material with an organic surface texture. Excellent care performance.
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Safety and responsibility upgraded sharply and attractively. Fresh look and maximum accent to catch the eye. Emphasize the fun and love for sports by being visible.
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Magnetic heat transfers developed for light magnetic closures or alternative magnetic field driven functionality in diverse areas. Effortless application, novel functions for high-tech garments.
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3T company developed 3D reflective heat transfers featuring an exceptional compression effect. The 3D compression technology adapts to an individual body shape, providing the correct blood circulation and muscle tone at the time of high demand physical activity.
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Die Aussteller der ISPO Munich stellen ihre Produktneuheiten und Messe-Highlights vor! Lassen Sie sich inspirieren!
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