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Summer Cover International
Summer Cover International
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Table soccer with glass cover for outdoor, thanks to the use of waterproof materials that are resistant to any weather conditions.

Ideally used on beach sides, playgrounds, camping areas and in any other open place. The completely covered playfield prevents the ball to bounce out, reduces the noise while playing and makes it impossible to take away any ball.
College Pro Cover
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First free play table to have the tempered unbreakable glass on top making it safer by having the playfield covered preventing the possibility to put ones hands near the figures and to touch the ball. Moreover, the ball can’t bonce out of the table, and eventually can’t be taken away. Having the playfield covered reduces enormously the sound of the match. For these characteristics, it is proven to be the best choice for schools and institutes where the safety of young’s, is a major issue keeping in mind the safety of the surrounding place at the same time, since the ball may escape from the playfield and hit a piece of furniture , glass or etc.
Torino Vintage
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College Pro 11 vs. 11
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Maxi free play table soccer for 22 players.

Easy and quick to assemble !
Draws huge attention to any occasion and event!
Can be personalized with brand name or logo.
Body: 25 mm multilayered poplar body
Playfield: 5 mm tempered unbreakable glass
Legs: anodized alumium
Leg leveler: foot 80×80 with rubber insertion
Rods: 18 mm double chromium plated telescopic rods
Handles: diam. 18 Red/Blue
Sport Revolution
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Free play table socce homologated by the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) & LICB (Lega Italiana Calcio Balilla).

1st Competition table (starting from 2018)

-Free play single body cabinet (not detachable).
-The cabinet is made of 30 mm thick multilayered poplar plywood hardened by two birch laminate sheets extremely durable and consistent.
-Playfield surface is made of plastic laminate milled accurately to remove any difference between the playfield panel and the side trim (PATENTED SYSTEM).
-Comes standard with telescopic 18 mm drawn steel double plated rods to prevent rust forming.
-New sliding bushing, in addition to the Teflon bushing, fixed on the hollow rod’s end to increase the inner rod sliding.
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Die Aussteller der ISPO Munich stellen ihre Produktneuheiten und Messe-Highlights vor! Lassen Sie sich inspirieren!
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